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Physical properties of polymer solutions are studied on the molecular basis both theoretically and experimentally.

1. Theoretical Studies on the Basis of the Helical Wormlike (HW) Chain Model
Various static properties, steady-state transport coefficients, and dynamic properties are formulated on the basis of the HW chain model.

2. Solution Properties of Branched Polymers
Dimensional, thermodynamic, hydrodynamic properties of solutions of branched polymers with well defined structures are investigated by light scattering, small-angle X-ray scattering, viscosity measurements. Experimental data obtained are discussed on the molecular basis.

3. Fine Characterization of Flexible and Semiflexible Polymers
Local conformations and the stiffness of various flexible and semiflexible polymers in dilute solution are determined on the basis of the HW model from analyses of date obtained over a wide range of molecular weight including oligomers.